Part One: About Ghosts


Of all the strangeness and unease that slinks among the trees of The Forest Hymn, ghosts are probably the least worrisome and far more agreeable than those damned Monsters stalking about the Spookwood. Ghosts live among the People and Animal Folk of the woods; they're a mostly polite lot who prefer to keep to themselves reading their books and tending their gardens. Despite their outlandish costumes, Forest Dwellers are fine calling a Ghost their neighbor.

A Ghost is a shapeless mist, a gust of life that can be blown away in a light wind to never be heard from again and so they dress accordingly. The clothes they wear are filled to the brim with odds and ends to keep them stapled to the forest floor, and then tightly sewn or tied shut—holding them in and giving them all the faculties of People and Animal folk alike. Of the few Forest Dwellers who view the world with a scholarly lens, most agree that the costumes a Ghost wears has some connection to their former life.

There is no doubt that The Forest Hymn is blanketed by an eerie fog of the supernatural; it makes the hairs on the necks of people stand straight and it's what convinces old missus Pig to button the shutters tight when the sun goes down. Ghosts pay it no mind, however, as they seem to have a natural attunement for what many would call the occult.


Part Two: Your Ghost


Your cap:

Your face and head:

Your costume:

Your filling:

Your recent birthday gift:


Part Three: Several Facts Considered True of Ghosts


A majority of ghosts are reclusive, but occasionally you'll find them as bakers, farmers, sheriffs, or even keeping shoppe the same as anyone else might.

As long as a ghost keeps their costumes closed they do not age. However, ghosts seem to not remember much further than their most recent thirty years or so.

It is easy to convince a ghost to take up picnicking in the woods; simply dangle the promise of strange books in front of them or just ask politely.

Ghosts are as quick as people and animal folk to fall in love with the smell of freshly baked breads or a good roast warming on the stove, but they cannot eat.

When ghosts speak, their voice sounds as if it is coming from very far off in the distance or even like they are stuck in a jar.

Ghosts have a fondness and a great talent for music and acting; ghosts out exploring the abandoned roads of the forest are commonly looking for new audiences to impress or a dollar to be made.


Part Four: Names Common Among Ghosts


Ghosts take many odd names, often as the title of their haunts or from musical compositions they have fleeting memories of: Bullet Creek Boggart, Grave Hill Overture, Southwoods Specter, Tall Hill Spook, Bootlegger's Motet, Brushwood Phantom, Makers Town Haunt, Carol Of The Winter Wind, Old Mill Apparition, Birchwood Nocturne, Jameson River Ghost, Dove's Loss Serenade, Gallows Pole Shade, Dismal Hollow Ghost.


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