Part One: About People


People are few in The Forest Hymn, having vanished in entirety so many years ago only to return in recent memory. Once upon a time they wandered to and fro without care, cutting back the forest and staking their claims. Where they went is still a mystery to most, but most don't care too much to figure it out; the forest is strange enough without the worry of some foulness disappearing anyone again.

When they finally did return, it was in the basket of The Stork; a drunkard who let loose a basket overflowing with a cooing, crying child into the woods and has made this mistake often enough that the people are back. When they can, animal folk and ghost alike will take in the orphaned people and raise them as proper as possible. But people are naturally lost in the woods; wandering off for odd reasons and finding themselves in constant trouble.

People posses curiousness of the wood and a toughness about them that most animal folk consider rude or imposing and that ghosts find intriguing. Unlike the other forest dwellers that prefer to settle down, people prefer to leave their foster homes and wander in the woods—hoping to maybe find a way out and a way back to wherever they're from or to explore the ruinous places of their great great, great great great grandmothers. What few that stay will take up steady jobs or learn the skill of some trade, staying close to the families that adopted them.


Part Two: Your Person


Your childhood:

Your first quirk:

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Part Three: Enjoy These Truths About People


People posses a penchant for fighting that their foster parents try to drive out of them. Young people who don't shake their bad manners tend to set off out into the woods.

Animal folk pay extra close attention to the comings and goings of people, hoping to learn of their adventures and where another business opportunity might strike.

Even people that take to picnicking in the woods and disappearing for months on end will visit their mothers in the winter.

No ghost can remember why the first people disappeared, and will often join people in the woods to chance at jogging their memory.

It is certainly true that some people claim to have arrived in the woods through old furniture in some other place. No one seems to believe this.

Of all the forest dwellers, people are almost always the best craftspeople. Their dedication to trade and art is unparalleled by most others.

People can study at sortilege and the occult, but it takes far longer for them to master than the animal folk and especially the ghosts.


Part Four: Names Common Enough Among People


Both the animal folk and ghosts give their adopted people names they've read in old books: Mathilda, Eunice, Arlo, Ofelia, Jasper, Constance, Susanna, Bartholomew, Natalie, Whittaker, Willoughby, Coralline, Agatha, Annie, Irene, Lucille, Ebenezer, Thaddeus, Billiam, Phillis, Harriet, Jarena.



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